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Professional Negligence


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What is Professional Negligence?


Professional providing advice owes their respective clients a duty of case and legally are bound to exercise reasonable skill and care when dealing with your matter. If you have received inadequate advice and lost out financially as a result of the same you may be able to make a claim against that professional.


What types of professionals can we assist in bringing a claim?


We can assist you to bring a claim for negligence against your solicitor, barrister, accountants, Engineers, Architects ,Financial advisers, Insurance Brokers, Surveyors and Tax consultants:


What will I need to show to be able to successfully pursue a claim?


For such a claim to be successful, you will need to be able to show the Court that the professional owed you a duty of care. If you can show that a duty has been breached you will need to also establish that as result of the breach you have suffered financial loss.  You will only be able to claim for losses that are reasonably foreseeable. If you want to make such a claim it is advisable to use the services of specialist professional negligence solicitors such as Duncan Lewis. It is important to state that not all solicitors practice specialise in Professional Negligence cases.


Is there a process to be followed before issuing a claim?


Yes there is. Prior to issuing a claim you will need to follow the Pre-Action Protocol on professional Negligence claims. If you do not follow the Pre-action protocol, you run the risk of incurring cost penalties or your case being thrown out completely.


Are there time limits for issuing a claim?


Yes. You usually have 6 years from the date you entered your retainer with the professional. This is usually the date that you entered into a contract with professional for their services. If there is no signed contract in place then it can be more complex to understand the start date for your 6 years. Specialist solicitors will be able to look at your papers and advise you on the same.


This area of law can be quite complex at time, given the procedures that you need to follow and matters that need to be looked into before issuing a claim. 


Do you belong to any professional body?


Yes, we belong to the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association.


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