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Society For Education And Training

Society For Education And Training (SET)


What is the SET?


The Society for Education and Training (SET) replaced the Institute for Learning in 2014 to continue to monitor and support registered practitioners in post-16 education and in the training sector.


The SET is designed to make member support a priority, providing continual professional development tools to help them improve and maintain the code of professional practice set out by the Society for Education and Training.


As a member of the Society for Education and Training, you will be graded according to your qualification and teaching status. The grades are:
Companion – someone without teaching qualifications but in a position of leadership, management or support within post-16 education and training sector.


Affiliate – someone who is new to the profession and working towards a teaching qualification or in a learning support role.


Associate – these are experienced practitioners in further education holding level ¾ certificate or level 4 stage 1 or 2.


Member – experienced practitioners in further education with a level 5 diploma/ DET or level 4 stage 3 qualification.


Fellow – these are established practitioners who play a role in the work that SET does.


What can the SET do if there is an allegation of wrong-doing?


The SET’s code of professional practice requires all members to comply with the conditions of membership, as well as respecting the reputation of the profession by being honest, using reasonable professional judgement and care. Anyone who has had their membership challenged and the complaint cannot be resolved by the SET then they use the procedures laid out in the Education and Training Foundation’s complaints policy and procedure, in which case it will be reviewed by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) board.


The standard process includes a review of the allegations received, followed by the investigation which gathers the necessary information. The SET will send notice of the provisional decision to the member, which may involve them removing the member themselves, or passing the decision over to the panel. Should the member wish to appeal the removal, they can through the SET, or they can seek the help of Duncan Lewis Regulatory Fitness to Practice solicitors to aid them in this application.


How can Duncan Lewis help me if the SET brings proceedings against me?


It is important you understand your rights as a teaching practitioner registered with the Society for Education and Training, the details of which Duncan Lewis Regulatory Fitness to Practice solicitors have extensive experience in negotiating. If you have been issued with a criminal caution or offence we can advise you on your membership rights and support you in that process.


If you have any professional regulatory queries relating to the Society of Education and Training, contact Duncan Lewis Regulatory Fitness to Practice solicitors on 0333 772 0409.


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