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Rajvinder Dayal , Duncan Lewis , Crime Freelance Solicitor , Harrow

Rajvinder Dayal


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I am a Consultant in the Crime Department at Duncan Lewis Solicitors. I specialise in serious crime cases, including fraud, possession of drugs and murder.

I advise and defend in a broad spectrum of criminal and regulatory matters, including investigations and prosecutions by the Serious Fraud Office, The Crown Prosecution Service, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Many of these cases possess international or multi-jurisdictional elements and I have therefore developed a good knowledge of extradition law. I frequently advise both UK-based and foreign clients resisting extradition to and from the United Kingdom.

I represent clients all across the country from the north of England to the South-West coast through to Cornwall.


  • Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice (LPC) - Brunel University
  • LLB Honours - Brunel University


  • Duncan Lewis Solicitors 2014-present


  • "Rajvinder is hard-working and diligent and always pays attention to the detail of her cases. She is well organised, always dealing with any issues which may arise in the conduct of her cases promptly. She demands the highest standards from those she instructs. As an individual her pleasant manner hides a core of steel when it comes to defending her client's interests. She is very people friendly and always displays a caring and attentive attitude towards her clients." - Courtney Griffiths QC

  • "Raj is a very hardworking and conscientious lawyer. In my experience she has always shown sound and sensible judgment when dealing with the variety of difficult issues that can arise in any criminal proceedings. I have always been particularly impressed by the consistent standard of her client care. It is of a high level which gives confidence not only to the client but also to Counsel." - Mark Dennis QC

  • "I was instructed by Raj in what was said to be the largest ever international identity fraud centred around a company known as ‘Confidential Access'. It was alleged that Confidential Access and a linked organisation known as ‘Creditmaster' provided a bogus identity ‘package' for clients in order that they could access dishonest credit. The fraud alleged was enormously sophisticated and involved the use of encrypted email traffic through servers based in Hong Kong. In all aspects of case preparation Raj was extremely efficient. Any task she was required to perform she completed quickly and with no fuss. Once a line of inquiry was identified, she pursued it to its conclusion. She also has excellent personal skills and worked extremely well in the team. She was a positive asset in every case conference and made constructive contributions at all times. Given her overall approach to the case, she easily generated trust in all she worked with and appeared to have an excellent relationship with the client. A high quality solicitor." - Tim Maloney QC

  • " I was about to start preparing my bill when I thought I have not properly thanked you for the magnificent job you and your team have done on this case. It was difficult from the outset when the paucity of instructions made for a tricky time with the timely preparation. This was exacerbated when we received instructions that were so self-evidently untrue. The rather late change in his instructions and the inevitable alteration to the DCS only served to hand the prosecution a home goal. But the ultimately good result is testament to the careful prep in the case and the attention to the clients needs. That was largely down to you and I wanted to say thanks and well done." - Jerome Lynch QC

Notable Cases

High Court
  • RV QN (2016)- Harrow Crown Court - I represented a client who was charged with conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation. It was alleged that this was a sophisticated conspiracy in a “crash for cash” case which centred on social media as a means of organising the alleged offence. This case was also reported across the news.


  • RV PC (2016)- Blackfriars Crown Court - I represented a client who was charged with theft and fraud. It was alleged that our client impersonated a solicitor in order to steal the victim’s work place pension.

  • R v J (2016) – Harrow Crown Court - The defendant has been charged with running an illegal lending money business without a licence. Over half million worth of gold was found at the defendant home and safety deposit boxes.

  • R v S (2016) – Manchester Crown - The defendants faced various allegations of conspiracy to breach immigration law, obtaining leave to enter or remain by deception, fraud and mortgage fraud. The principle offender headed a charity called Khalsa Missionary Society, it is alleged that he used the charity to act dishonestly and fraudulently, encouraging migrants who were in search of longer term visas to defraud the Home Office by applying to work in the UK as Ministers of Religion. The defendant was successfully acquitted after legal arguments.

  • R v AD (2016)– Wood Green Crown Court - It was alleged that the defendant and others were operating an illegal money lending business. The case was dropped against the defendant after successful legal arguments and Birmingham City Council was ordered to pay costs.

  • R V SC (2016) – Lewes Crown Court - I represented a client charged with serious drug charges of possession with intent to supply of class A and B drugs.

  • R v HP (2016) – Harrow Crown Court - The defendant was arrested under the Operation Rocketman, which conducted an investigation to dismantle and prosecute an Organised Criminal Group of Drug Traffickers and Money Launderers. It is alleged the defendant worked for a Bureau De Change and assisted in known drug trafficker to launder money.

  • R v CV (2015) - Conspiracy to supply class A drugs. The defendant was a high class Escort, she has been providing services to footballers and other celebrities.

  • R v PG (2015) - Operation Brutus – defendant faced an indictment alleging conspiracy to supply cocaine and possession of machine guns, pistols and ammunition. He was charged alongside 18 other defendants.

  • R v LT (2013) Warwick Crown Court - Represented a 22 year old man indicted for murder. The offence allegedly took place during the robbery of the victim's van which had contained a high value consignment of mobile-phones. The case involved complex issues of causation and joint enterprise. It also required a detailed analysis and challenge to cell-site evidence relied upon by the prosecution. LT was acquitted following legal submissions at the close of the prosecution case. (Counsel: Mark Dennis QC & Chamjit Jutla).

  • R V NS (2016)– In the Central Criminal - I represented a youth of just 17 years charged with double murder. It is alleged our client used a kitchen knife in a brawl against two other men which proved fatal. This case was widely reported across the news. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-40188245 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4655142/Teenage-traveller-jailed-stabbing-two-men-death.html

  • R v AC (2016) - The prosecution allege that, when the four defendants were aged, respectively, 15, 16, 17 and 20, the four of them, at the instigation of the first defendant DC, formed a group of vigilantes in order to attack a 42-year old man whom DC had met on-line. DC had told the others that the man was a paedophile. As a result, Darren Kelly was punched, kicked and then stabbed to death in a street in Pitsea, near Basildon. Our client was acquitted after 26 day trial.

  • R V RR (2017) Snaresbrook Crown Court - I represented a client who had been charged with theft. It was alleged that our client had stolen in excess of £14,000 pounds from the alleged victim.

  • R v SSP (2016) Blackfriars Crown Court - The defendant faced money laundering allegations, it was alleged the defendant was assisting in laundering of money which was obtained from the evasion of duty and VAT on imported alcohol, cigarette smuggling and other criminal conduct.

  • R v AF (2014) – Southwark Crown Court - Represented a Defendant of a group of sales men who deceived investors into buying diamonds for twenty times their value, making a profit of £1.5 million. Despite the harsh sentencing in these cases, the Defendant was sentenced to three years based on solid mitigation and evidence gathered.

    The Daily Mail The Telegraph

  • R v TS (2014) – Canterbury Crown Court - Represented a Defendant accused of having fraudulently obtained government funding for the providing learning opportunities for students with special learning difficulties.

  • R v LN (2014) – Central Criminal Court - I represented the wife and the business partner of the main defendant who is accused of having made false mortgage applications since 2005 through his mortgage brokerage company. The case was dropped mid trial against her client.

  • R v MY (2014) – Central Criminal Court - I represented a Defendant allegedly involved in laundering approximately £37m over a period of 11 months between April 2013 and March 2014. Despite the strong evidence against the Defendants, the case was dropped mid trial, after the gaps in the Crown’s evidence were highlighted in many instances to the jurors.

    The Telegraph

  • R v DP (2013) – Blackfriars Crown Court - Represented multi-jurisdictional company director fraud case involving the mining industry. The case involved issues of director disqualification and breach of fiduciary duties under the Companies Act.

  • R v AM (2012) - Operation Saturn - Southwark Crown Court - I represented the first defendant on the indictment in a major insider dealing case prosecuted by the FSA. It is alleged that this defendant, who had access to sensitive information through his work in a confidential print room of a major investment bank UBS, obtained confidential information and disseminated that information to his co-defendants using a variety of means. The co-defendants, it is alleged, then used the information provided to place bets, including potential mergers, through a number of different spread betting firms. (Counsel instructed: Jerome Lynch QC & Kuljeet Dobe) http://m.thelawyer.com/1011710.article?mobilesite=enabled

  • R v ZH (2012 ) Operation Blackout - Southwark Crown Court - Represented a defendant who was charged following an undercover surveillance operation by City of London Police in A joint operation with the United States law enforcements agencies on suspicion of facilitating one of the largest of imports of counterfeit Nike trainers ever seized in the UK causing a loss to the trademark holder of around £4 million. An ITV documentary on smuggling in the UK featured the case in an hour long episode.

  • R v MM (2012 )- Harrow Crown Court - I represented a man charged with conspiring to defraud UKBA along with another. The client ran a consultancy firm and conspired with an Immigration Adviser to produce pay slips and wage payments to support applications to the Home Office for Tier 1 visas.

    Link: http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16202482
  • R v KM (2010) - Southwark Crown Court - Represented a defendant charged with conspiracy to defraud. It is alleged the defendants organised car accidents in order to make false claims from insurance companies.

  • R v WA (2009) - Basildon Crown Court - The case involved a number of males who would attend the homes of elderly or vulnerable persons dressed as police officers. They would deceive these people into giving details of their bank accounts.

  • R v WA (2008) - Maidstone crown Court - This case concerned two groups of Romany Travelers based essentially in Kent. They were under police surveillance in August 2006 in the Dover area and environs as being involved in large scale cross-channel smuggling of tobacco and narcotics as well as cash flight across the same territory, to facilitate successive smuggling operations.

  • R v I (2009) - Southwark Crown Court - Representing a solicitor charged with six others for mortgage fraud concerning a £19 million property deal.(Counsel instructed: Patrick Upward QC & Sten Reiz)

  • R v PR (2013)– Canterbury Crown Court - This case concerns the chief mechanic of Kawasaki Racing Group, who was charged for importation and possession of a firearm and live ammunition. Due to the multi-jurisdictional nature of the case, this involved the collation of evidence, including CCTV and defence statements from various sources. We successfully secured a re-trial for the client.

  • R v AB –Central Criminal Court - Major drugs trial in two parts with at least four trials joined to allege a large scale Albanian cocaine conspiracy with multiple importations.

  • R v AM (2014) – Exeter Crown Court - I represented a 21 year old Defendant accused of murder and robbery of a drug dealer at his home address. The prosecution alleged that the Defendant was one of the four members of an armed gang that planned to kill a drug dealer by stabbing him to death. After a two months trial, the defendant was found Not Guilty of Murder and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for Manslaughter instead. The defendant was seen buying knives on CCTV and one of the knifes was recovered from his hotel room. His fingerprints were also found at the house. BBC

  • R v ID (2012 )- Central Criminal Court - Represented a defendant charged with the murder of his friend after alcohol and drug abuse. The defendant was captured in CCTV striking the victim over the head with a bottle. The preparation of the defence case involved complex issues associated with the defence of diminished responsibility. The defence was complicated by the defendant's traumatic experience of witnessing the disintegration of his home state and being forced to flee to the UK as a refugee.

  • R v MP (2011 ) - Woolwich Crown Court - Representing a man charged with the murder of a flat mate. The prosecution alleged that the defendant had gained the victim's confidence such that the former disclosed his bank account details to him. The allegations suggest that the defendant was stealing money from the victim's bank account and lost it all on line.(Counsel instructed: Courtenay Griffiths QC & Ravi Sukul) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-14424735

  • R v AS (2015) – Canterbury Crown Court - I represented a man who allegedly conspired with three others to bring Albanian people illegally to the UK through a boat from France to Devon.

  • R v HK (2013) Southwark Crown Court - I represented a woman charged with conspiring to attack a retired Indian General, held responsible for the army assault on the Golden Temple at Amritsar. The case involves political undertones whereby it is alleged that the assault was conducted by Sikh extremists as revenge for actions following the 1984 attacks at the Sikh holy site in Amritsar, India.

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