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Nursing And Midwifery Council

Nursing And Midwifery Council (NMC)


What is the NMC?


The Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC) exists as an independent regulator for the protection of the public and the nurses and midwives that it registers.


The NMC is responsible for regulating the environment that the nurses and midwives practice, as well as education and training they receive, which will continually be updated according to changing medical standards.


It is the Nursing & Midwifery Council’s responsibility is to safeguard the public and ensure the registered nurses and midwives are up to date with all the latest professional standards.


The NMC also have a structured code which they have designed to protect patients and the public, as well as giving guidance to student nurses and midwives before they are eligible to register as practicing professionals.


What can the NMC do if there is an allegation of wrong-doing?


Whilst the NMC is there to assist nurses and midwives within their chosen fields, with various resources and guides to ensure best practice, they also deal with concerns, complaints and referrals when a nurse or midwife’s fitness to practice is challenged.


A nurse or midwife’s fitness to practice can be challenged at any time by a member of the public by completing a referral form on the NMC website. Even though the website specifically states that it is best to confer with the employer before coming to them, it does give clear steps to make a complaint against nurses and midwives registered with the NMC.


A nurse or midwife may be referred for any of the reasons below:


  • Caution or a conviction
  • Determination by another regulatory body
  • Fraudulent or false entry into the profession
  • Ill health of a serious nature
  • Lacking competence
  • Misconduct
  • Poor of insubstantial knowledge of English


In the case where a nurse of midwife who has been referred by a member of the public, their employer or a colleague has gone beyond a warning, the next step is facing a Fitness to Practice Committee who will set up a meeting or hearing.


In specialist cases an Interim Order restricting the nurse or midwife’s right to practice may be imposed. Where steps have been taken to put the alleged concern right, a remediation will be given to the Fitness to Practice Committee to consider alongside the hearing. If the concern has been proven, a sanction will be given with varying degrees of penalty.


How can Duncan Lewis help me if the NMC bring proceedings against me?


Duncan Lewis Regulatory Fitness to Practice solicitors can advise on any point in the referral process, and prepare the nurse or midwife for the hearing giving the support and understanding needed during this stressful time. We can also prepare and present an appeal on your behalf should you wish to appeal a decision made against you.


If you are a nurse or midwife who has any NMC queries or you have been referred for a fitness to practice allegation, then contact Duncan Lewis Regulatory Fitness to Practice solicitors on 0333 772 0409.


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