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Rise in women’s drinking habit cause for more number of divorces says family law experts (3 April 2013)

Date: 03/04/2013
Duncan Lewis, Legal News Solicitors, Rise in women’s drinking habit cause for more number of divorces says family law experts

According to a leading family lawyer the number of divorces is increasing because of women’s drinking habits which have risen by 70 per cent in five years.
The culture of social drinking and the increasing number of women turning to alcohol to cope with stress has turned on the old school thought where wife was seen as a house hold creature waiting at home whilst her husband whiled away his time at the pub.
The present trend was more number of men filing for divorce as a result of their wives excessive drinking the head of family law of a law firm has claimed.
She said that the traditional image of a woman as a mother and housewife waiting obediently at home for her man was much less common than it was a decade ago.
The family lawyer sees 40 to 50 divorces a year where alcohol is a contributing factor – and in the majority of these cases the women were the problem
The number of men citing alcohol misuse as the reason that the relationship has broken down has risen by 70 per cent in the last five years, she told the Daily Mail.
Some women socialise and network, and many of the men who come to her complained to her that their wives often don’t come home until 4am.
Others have a more serious habit and drink at home to deal with problems due to stress or depression. These women often secretly consume large amounts.
She added that men are often embarrassed to talk about such issues and they are only now coming to light.
She recently dealt with the divorce of a businessman from Cheshire, with three children aged seven, 11 and 14.
His wife began drinking when she lost her job and eventually became violent towards him – leading to her arrest for GBH.
He was granted custody of the children, but was forced to give up work to care for them.
Another family lawyer and head of family law in a firm said on behalf of family law group Resolution that women were catching up with men in their reaction to stressful home and work lives. More and more were turning to the bottle and when there are children involved the effects are really serious.

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