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Emotional pitching on Romanian influx was going to prove counterproductive says Romanian envoy to London (22 February 2013)

Date: 22/02/2013
Duncan Lewis, Legal News Solicitors, Emotional pitching on Romanian influx was going to prove counterproductive says Romanian envoy to London

Romanian ambassador to London has warned that alarmist predictions about influx of Eastern European immigrants were putting Romanians in the UK at risk of racist attacks.
Dr Ion Jinga said that the inflammatory rhetoric had left the Romanian community feeling like second class EU citizens.
The ambassador wrote in a column of the Daily Telegraph that projected figures of Romanian influx was not correct and he doubted that there was any likelihood of significant increase in the number of Romanians adding to UK immigration from January 2014.
Temporary curbs were imposed on Romanians and Bulgarians in 2005 ahead of both countries joining the EU in 2007, to protect the British labour market. The restriction is coming to an end in December of this year.
Making emotional pitching was counterproductive in such issues which neither benefit the British nor the Romanians in the UK he added. The Romanians in the UK are feeling they are being discriminated against and are treated as second class EU citizens Dr Jinga said.
And in extreme cases inflammatory rhetoric could even lead to acts of racially aggravated assaults against the Romanians as in the recent case in Brighton.
Dr Jinga said that the potential of exporting workers of Romania to other member state countries including Britain had been exhausted in 2007 it was highly unlikely that the lifting of restrictions for Romanian workers from January 2014 was going to bring hordes of Romanians into the UK.
In contrast, he believes lifting the restrictions will prevent exploitation of Romanian workers and ensure more efficient tax collection - insisting that Romanians were not a menace to the British economy or society.
He added that there is little reason to believe "alarmist figures" will be reliable following blunders over the Polish estimates.
The Government has refused to provide an estimate on the number of Romanians or Bulgarians it expects to arrive in Britain, but immigration campaign group Migration Watch previously said it could be up to 50,000 a year for the first five years.

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