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Council childminder convicted of £34,000 benefit fraud, after being found with £48,000 in 17 bank accounts (3 September 2015)

Date: 03/09/2015
Duncan Lewis, Legal News Solicitors, Council childminder convicted of £34,000 benefit fraud, after being found with £48,000 in 17 bank accounts

A childminder from Hampshire has pleaded guilty to claiming more than £34,000 in benefits fraudulently – by not declaring that she held £48,000 in saving accounts. Benefits claimants are not allowed to have more than £16,000 in savings.

The Daily Mail reports that 54-year-old Helen Batchelor was caught out when benefit officers processing her claim were notified by a government system that she had accrued a large amount of interest on her accounts. They discovered she had around £48,000 in savings spread across 17 different accounts.

Batchelor worked as a child minder for Hampshire County Council, but had claimed more than £34,000 in housing benefit and council tax benefit over a six-year period, after failing to advise Fareham Borough Council in Hampshire of her savings.

The court heard told that Batchelor had asked for a £20 council tax refund in 2008 – and had also complained to her local authority about the bedroom tax in 2013.

She had ignored information requested of her in November 2013 – but had submitted a prepared statement in April 2014, when she was interviewed by benefit officers.

The statement she submitted read that she had four undeclared bank accounts with a total balance of around £10,000 – below the £16,000 a year threshold for savings.

However, an investigation revealed further accounts with savings in them.

At Fareham Magistrates’ Court, Batchelor admitted five counts of dishonestly making a false statement to obtain a benefit from July 2007 until February 2013.

The prosecution told the court:

“Audacious is a word that I have used to describe these acts.”

Her defence lawyer said:

“In short, she expresses that she had concerns about her long-term financial security and she had accumulated savings – and has separated them from her bank account.”

The court heard that Batchelor repaid at total of £34,016.64 in full within a month – and that she had never spent the money to support an “ostentatious lifestyle”.

Batchelor will be sentenced at Portsmouth Crown Court at a later date.

After the hearing, Fareham Borough Council Leader Sean Woodward said:

“It is absolutely scandalous – beyond audacious. She committed a series of outrageous acts out of pure greed.

“We have zero tolerance of benefit cheats, because it is the public's money they are stealing – and in this case, it was clearly not a mistake, as it was a prolonged and intricate fraud.”

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