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Launch of Duncan Lewis’ Specialist Autism & ADHD Family and Child Care team featured in Today’s Family Lawyer (18 March 2024)

Date: 18/03/2024
Duncan Lewis, InThePress Solicitors, Launch of Duncan Lewis’ Specialist Autism & ADHD Family and Child Care team featured in Today’s Family Lawyer

Duncan Lewis’ recently launched Specialist Family & Child Care team for Neurodivergent Clients has been featured in industry leading newsletter, Today’s Family Lawyer.


Last week marked the proud unveiling of Duncan Lewis Solicitors' specialist team of Family & Child Care solicitors, all committed to representing neurodivergent individuals and their families in both Public and Private Children Law proceedings, including cases eligible for public funding. The teams’ pioneering initiative has now captured the attention of industry leading publications, including Today’s Family Lawyer.


The feature shines a spotlight on the team led by Alia Lewis, alongside solicitors Sheena Vadher and Fauzia Mumani, each boasting significant expertise in assisting clients in cases involving neurodiversity (including Autism, ADHD, Dyslexic, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia and Tourette Syndrome), learning difficulties, learning disabilities and special needs. The team also supports clients who are deaf or hearing impaired, as well as children of deaf adults. They have all achieved a Level 2 qualification in Understanding Autism and are accredited members of the Law Society’s Children Law Scheme. 


The expertise of our accomplished team is enriched by both their professional and personal encounters with neurodivergence. Alia's journey as a parent to an autistic child has illuminated areas within the family justice system where change is desperately needed in cases involving neurodivergent individuals. Her passion for safeguarding the rights of neurodivergent individuals has driven her efforts to foster broader awareness and understanding, serving as the impetus for establishing our team. Sheena and Fauzia share Alia's commitment; their work has yield a profound impact on the children and families they advocate for.

To read the full coverage on Duncan Lewis’ specialist Family & Child Care team, visits Today’s Family Lawyer


Alia Lewis is a Director and award-winning childcare law solicitor, leading a dedicated team of solicitors, trainees, and caseworkers committed to delivering exceptional support to clients during highly stressful times. Driven by her passion for upholding the rights of autistic children and parents within the family justice system, alongside those with other neurodivergent conditions and hidden disabilities, Alia has pioneered the specialist Autism and ADHD team within the Family and Child Care Law department.


Alia won the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Award for Children's Rights in 2023, a testament to her ongoing efforts in reshaping the ways in which matters involving neurodivergent individuals are conducted within the family justice system.


Her expertise covers all areas of family law relating to children, especially in public law (care) cases, deprivation of liberty, and secure accommodation. With a profound understanding do neurodivergence and its associated conditions, Alia tailors her approach to represent neurodivergent, non-verbal, and pre-verbal children. Drawing from personal experiences as a parent to an autistic son, she employs tools such as PECS, communication boards, visual timetables, social stories, and basic Makaton to facilitate communication. Alia recognises the sensory and other challenges faced by neurodivergent individuals, adjusting her practices to ensure visits are conducive to the comfort and well-being of the children and young people involved.

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If you require specialist support from our Autism and ADHD Family & Child Care team, please contact Alia Lewis via email at AliaL@duncanlewis.com or via telephone on 02031141193

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