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Driving with Worn Tyres

Driving with Worn Tyres


We have provided this information page for your guidance. Driving with worn tyres is not an offence which would require you to have representation.


Driving with worn tyres is an extremely serious offence because it can result in serious or fatal road accidents.


Tyres should always be well maintained – and drivers should check their tyres regularly and especially when the seasons change.


The minimum tread for a car tyre in the UK is 1.6mm and it is recommended that tyres are changed when the tread reaches 3mm.


New tyres have a tread of around 8mm – and it is likely that badly worn tyres will severely affect a car’s stopping distance, especially in emergencies.


In some cases, car owners may not be aware that their tyres are not new – an unscrupulous garage may fit tyres which are substandard or second hand without telling a car owner.


In the case of inexperienced drivers buying a car or second hand car, tyres may also have less than the required tread on them – it is always advisable to get a new car checked over by an expert to make sure that tyres are not worn and a car is well maintained and safe to drive.


If a road traffic accident occurs as a result of worn tyres which were not advertised as second hand or used, a car owner may be able to make a claim against the retailer.


However, the penalties for having worn tyres include 3 points on a licence and a fine for private car owners – and much higher penalties for commercial vehicles.


If worn tyres cause a serious accident and it cannot be proved that the driver was unaware the tyres were bought used, more serious charges might be brought – especially if the accident resulted in serious or fatal injuries to another person, including family members or friends.


Duncan Lewis motoring offence solicitors have considerable experience in advising private car owners and commercial vehicle owners on motoring law, including cases involving driving with worn tyres.


Duncan Lewis can also advise on appealing convictions and sentences for motoring offences, as well as totting up, disqualification and applications for early reinstatement of a driving licence.


Duncan Lewis Motoring & Driving Offence Solicitors – Our reputation for excellence


Duncan Lewis represents clients at Police Stations, Magistrates’ Courts, Crown Courts, and at Appeal Courts such as the Court of Appeal.


Duncan Lewis Crime Department has been recognised as a Top Tier and recommended criminal defence practice by Chambers UK 2018 and the Legal 500 2017 Edition – and has an exceptional track record in defending cases involving driving with worn tyres, including car drivers, HGV drivers or other road users.


Duncan Lewis Motoring & Driving Offence Solicitors – When to contact us


Duncan Lewis motoring offence solicitors advises clients who may face prosecution for a road traffic offence to contact us as soon as possible, especially if a Notice of Intended prosecution has been issued.


Duncan Lewis can attend police interview under caution – and our motoring law department regularly advises younger drivers, veteran drivers and new drivers on road traffic offences, including driving with worn tyres.


Duncan Lewis motoring offence solicitors also regularly advise professional drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists on road traffic offences.


Duncan Lewis Motoring & Driving Offence Solicitors – How to contact us


There are Duncan Lewis offices nationwide in England and Wales – and a criminal defence solicitor from Duncan Lewis can usually reach a client at a police station or court within 45 minutes.


Call Duncan Lewis motoring solicitors on 020 7923 4020 for expert legal advice on road traffic offences, including charges involving driving with worn tyres.


For 24/7 help at a police station, call the Duncan Lewis Emergency Hotline on 0207 275 2036.


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