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Caroline Mugova , Duncan Lewis , Crime Caseworker , Harrow

Caroline Mugova


Profile / Experience

I am a Trainee Solicitor in the Crime Department at Duncan Lewis Solicitors. I have gained experience in a wide variety of complex and high profile criminal matters since I started at Duncan Lewis in October 2015. I am experienced and willing to act under extreme time pressures to ensure that justice is achieved for my clients. I specialise in areas involving offences of dishonesty such as High value and low Value Fraud ie. VAT Tax Fraud, Fraud by False Representation, and Perjury. I have specialist knowledge in benefit fraud matters having represented a number of clients where the overpayment values were over £100,000.

I have successfully undertaken matters relating to serious sexual offences including Rape and historic sexual offences. I have represented clients in matters relating to Burglary and Theft. I also have vast experience in dealing with Common Assault matters and Actual Bodily Harm. I also have relevant knowledge and experience in dealing with issues relating to Grievous Bodily Harm. Other areas in which I have considerable knowledge and experience are offences involving serious damages and serious drug related offences, including importation of illegal substances. I have developed a client focused approach to my work and, to that end, I have built a reputation above my experience level. I have taken on private work and produced impeccable client care and results. I regularly assist clients in driving-related offences.

I represent a range of clients, including Private Clients and Legal Aid Clients.

I am a police station probationary representative and I carry out this role with diligence and efficiency. I remain resolute and determined to protect the most vulnerable and I have represented a considerable number of clients with mental health issues who request intermediaries at Court. I have used experts at court, such as Intermediaries to facilitate the support of my vulnerable clients, as well as Psychologists and Psychiatrists to address issues regarding fitness to plead and fitness to stand Trial.

Having previously worked as a registered paediatric staff nurse, I have a notably high level of quality in my work and possess a good work ethic. I always work tirelessly to produce quality results in my clients' cases, whilst producing high quality client care.

I am always available to contact by email or phone.


  • Law LLB (Hons) at University of Hertfordshire (2014), First Class Honours. Also - President of the Lawyers Without Borders Hertfordshire University Students Division in 2012.
  • MA LPC with Business at BPP Law School London Holborn (2015).
  • Graduated in Child Health Nursing from Middlesex University (2007).


  • Currently a trainee solicitor at Duncan Lewis Solicitors
  • Joined Duncan Lewis Solicitors as Caseworker in October 2015
  • Prior to commencing at Duncan Lewis, I worked alongside various Barristers within the London area.


"Thank you for all your hard work and all the support given to me Caroline. I wish you all the best and keep up the good work in defending those in need" - Client from R v B.

Notable Cases

High Court

1. In the CASE R v K (2017); Rape Case; Isleworth Crown Court

In representing my client, I successfully used an intermediary at Court to assist my client as he was highly vulnerable with high levels of anxiety. With the use of an expert psychiatrist I was able to use the expert report to successfully introduce the fact that my client suffered from suggestibility.

My client was acquitted of rape, which was a brilliant result because, through my tireless efforts, we convinced the jury that the client was innocent through the use of expert knowledge.

2. In the CASE R v N (2016); Importation of Illegal Substances; Isleworth Crown Court

The client had been arrested at Heathrow Airport and charged with Importation of 4kgs of cocaine. In representing the client, I was able to question the satellite mobile analyses which the CPS adduced as evidence to suggest that my client was the main offender in the importation, while three co-defendants claimed that our client played the leading role in the crime.

3. In the CASE R v H (2015); High Value Benefit Fraud over £100,000.00; Harrow Crown Court

I represented the client in a high value benefit fraud matter. The client was charged with fraud by false representation. The CPS were of the view that the client had defrauded three London Boroughs, namely Harrow Council, Westminster Council and Barnet Council. The client provided false documents and information in completing housing benefits forms. I helped the client raise her defence, which regarded the authenticity of the signatures on the forms and possible claims of duress as her husband was a co-defendant in the matter.

4. In the CASE R v K(2017); Grievous Bodily Harm; Isleworth Crown Court

The client was acquitted of all charges by a unanimous Jury at Trial. The client and the co-defendant in this case had been approached by the victim in the case. The CPS were prosecuting our client for causing grievous bodily harm. With the use of the CCTV evidence taken at the time of the incident, the client did not dispute the fact that he punched the victim in the head. The client argued self defence, which coincided with the events captured on the CCTV footage. The victim, unprovoked had continuously harassed and followed our client and the co-defendant. Our client had defended himself when the victim attempted to attack him. The victim was met with a major blow to the face and fell to the ground. The co-defendant had then attacked the victim whilst he lay on the ground, causing head injuries to the victim. This took place as our client attempted to stop the co-defendant from harming the victim further. The Jury unanimously found the defendant not guilty and accepted his plea of self defence. The client did not premeditate the attack and he did not intend to cause grievous bodily harm.


In my spare time I enjoy travelling and learning about other cultures, taking long walks and swimming. I also enjoy collecting coffee mugs from my world travels.

I enjoy empowering others and helping people realise their strengths and abilities.

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